Rated excellent by our customers
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What's inside the Box?
Inside each Doggy Treat Box you get five to
seven packets of 100% natural treats
including two quality toys
  • All our treats are 100% natural.
  • Suitable for all dog breeds.
  • Soft and tough toys.
  • All our toys are high quality.
  • We ship world wide.
  • Treats are fresh off British farms.
Monthly Subscription No Contract
JUST£19.99Per month
How many treats are inside a
Doggy Treat Box?
Inside each Doggy Treat Box you get
five to seven packets of treats
including two quality toys.
Inside Each Doggy Treat Box you get five to seven packets of 100% natural dog treats including two quality toys. We have 50+ different kinds of natural treats we supply to our customers and each month we randomly pick 5 – 7 different treats from our selection, which you can see below.
Each Month the treats and toys change, so you never know what you are going to get. It’s like christmas every month for your Dog. But one thing you will know is that everything is top quality, 100% natural and fresh off British Farms.
Below you can see a few examples of our treats. To see all sample images click the button below to view all treats. That will take you to our What's inside page.
Smoked chicken sausage
Lamb tripe
Chicken & cheese
Moist venison
Duck Feet
How many toys are in a
Doggy Treat Box?
Below you can see a few samples of the Regular & Premium toys we provide
  • Inside each Doggy Treat Box you get two toys along with five to seven packets of our high quality 100% natural treats.
  • At checkout you have two options for the toys. You can pick our Regular toys for no extra cost which are good but more basic toys or you can opt to pay a little extra for our Premium toys which are very high quality.
  • All our toys are from top quality well known brands that we have formed good relationships with over the years.
  • As a company we get the very best wholesale prices, which means we can pass the savings on to our customers. Each Doggy Treat Box can have a retail value of up to £40+ but you can grab our Doggy Treat Boxes for as little as just £19.99 right now for a limited time only.
Rated excellent by our customers
Rated excellent by our customers
Claire Carty 1 reviews
2 days ago
As a new customer I was very happy with my first treat box. I have 4 dogs of different breeds and all my furbabies loved the treats and toy included. I was also very happy to receive a shampoo and conditioner in the box. excellent value for money and great to know we are supporting British farms. Looking forward to next months delivery. Highly recommend this seller to all dog owners of all sizes. Thank you for a great service.
Gail Birkett 10 reviews
8 hours ago
Have been with Lee & Lula from day one, great quality and natural products and a good price. When the postie knocks on the door and hands me the box as soon as Sol sees it he knows it's his treat box he gets really excited to see what's in it, there hasn't been anything in that he's not liked ( he loves the garlicky sausages) would definitely recommend, not just food treats but also toys in the box.....
Madie Elizabeth 1 review
8 hours ago
Archie, our 12 week old staffy pup loves his treatbox. He was sniffing the box before I’d even opened it! Great quality treats for Archie and he absolutely loved his toy too. Thank you so much for his doggy treat box, one very happy pupper🐶
Anna Matkin 1 review
8 hours ago
Bonkers loved some of the treats in the box but it was okay the ones she didn’t like my other dog Bella a jack Russell loved so win win really good value for money so everyone is happy they also took out hard treats as my dog has teeth removed really good customer service aswell would recommend to everyone.
Each Doggy Treat Box
Weight Between 1.5 kg to 2kg
Weight 1.5 kg to 2kg
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(Over 98% satisfied)
Just received my lovely box of goodies! Really lovely treats and exactly as described. All natural and plenty to keep my 2 going! Thank you! Maddy loves the ball on a rope too xxx
Tracy July
We got our box today and the dogs went wild!! I buy loads of treats but these were on a different level, I’ve never seen them go so mad for treats!! I look forward to getting the next one!
Chrissie Sheerstone
Thank you so much for the treat box… it looked fab from the packaging to the contents… My girls also loved the toys!!!
Nicola Louise Cook
I am very impressed with the first box. So glad we joined.Well done keep up the good work!.Thank you. Lee & Lula
Alison Suggitt
Doggy Treat Box Guarantee
Order your first Doggy Treat Box today risk free. If you don’t like the first Doggy Treat Box for any reason simply email us for a full refund.We will instantly cancel your monthly subscription and try our very best to make you a happy customer.However we are very confident that your dog will love it.This Doggy Treat Box guarantee is here for your protection and we honor this refund policy 100% of the time no questions asked.Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and our top priority.
Lee & Lula – CEO/Owner of Doggy Treat Box
Lee & Lula started Doggy Treat Box on 1st of January 2016 and customer care and support have always been top priority and always will be.Doggy Treat Box has grown over the years and now has its own dedicated support team.However Lee is still very involved and is always available to give personal support to his loyal Doggy Treat Box customers.If you have any questions please use the contact us form and you can talk to Lee & Lula directly if needed.When joining Doggy Treat Box your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.