Doggy Treat Box was created by Lee & Lula on 31st December 2016. But how did Lee’s Idea for Doggy Treat Box come about?

4 years prior to this Lee decided he wanted a dog and got Lula when she was just a little pup.

Back then Lee had a work from home job which allowed him to look after Lula which is only reason he allowed himself to get Lula in the first place.

3 years after getting Lula Lee received some devastating news that he lost his work from home job which was allowing him to stay at home and look after Lula.

After receiving this devastating news Lee instantly started to worry about Lula because he had no one to look after her if he had to go to work.

What made things worse is that the only work Lee could find was working away from home overseas meaning he would have to give Lula away to another family.

However this was not an option for Lee because Lula is like a baby to Lee. Lee said he would go on the streets with Lula before ever letting that happen.

After losing his job Lee & Lula survived about one year on Lee’s saving’s which wasn’t very much. Doggy Treat Box come to life one year after losing his job when Lee was very stressed and worried about potentially ending up on the streets with Lula.

It was a very dark time for Lee and he was stressed, worried and depressed and needed to do something and quick.

Lee will always remember the day he picked the business name Doggy Treat Box along with the idea to sell 100% natural dog treats and toys online.

It was 31st December 2016 (New Years Eve) and he was walking Lula in the park. After thinking up the name Doggy Treat Box and believing it was a very good idea he didn’t dream that the domain name would be available.

After getting home from the park that New Years Eve and checking GoDaddy he couldn’t believe the domain name was available and he snapped it up with the little amount of money he had left over from his savings.

He then setup the Doggy Treat Box Facebook fan page and started to share his idea with everyone on Facebook so see how many people would be interested in joining.

To cut a long story short a lot of people joined in the first few month of going live and it’s now turned into a very successful business venture for Lee & Lula.

The reason for Doggy Treat Boxes success isn’t because of Lee & Lula’s story its because Doggy Treat Box offer something that no other Doggy Treat Boxes on the market offer and that’s 100% Natural dog treats all fresh off British farms.